Technische Übersetzungen  & Dokumente   - Renate Kühl -    




If you wish, I will completely edit your technical documentation; from concept to finished print, including text structure, photos, drawings and layout.

I do this work from my office, but could also offer a partial service if certain work is to be performed in your office.   

It is thus possible to incorporate your data (* DXF, *.PDF, *.hpgl, *DOC, *.ILDOC (INTERLEAF) *.EPS, *.RTF, *.mcw etc ....) and use it in my work.

Furthermore, I offer you data conversion services for the different platforms so that you are always up to date and ensure that efficient work with different systems is possible.   

Based on my experience with the "COMPUTER - JARGON" I will also create for you computer manuals for non-computer professionals, i.e. for the normal user.

I rework unclear photos into clear vector drawings and finished photographic prints in colour and black and white for further processing, that is, I convert paper documents into editable files.

I mainly work with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, INTERLEAF (with revision management, book and catalogue functions), Star Office, Ami Pro, FrameMaker, PageMaker, as well as AutoCAD and Corel Draw, just to name but a few.

The technical documentations are created in all languages, either on disks, printed or ONLINE as PDF files.

The display options range from detailed drawings through exploded drawings to full-colour illustrations, all based on electronics for perfect further processing.

I meet all the requirements of discerning documentations.

I give guarantee for expert handling of your orders.

My modern technical facilities allow me to also carry out short-term orders as quickly as possible (to also work on urgent projects at night, on weekends and public holidays).

Either way, I am flexible and work on schedule.

Cost-effective and simple descriptions and instructions are completed just as promptly as demanding documentations for > sophisticated equipment<.   

A professional and speedy handling of each order based on my experience is perfectly natural for me.

A very important advantage should not be overlooked:

You get everything from one source!!!

Your order is very important to me and I will work hard to complete it perfectly.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Just request a free price offer.