Technische Übersetzungen  & Dokumente   - Renate Kühl -    


About me  


Since 1993 I have a small, flexible German company in Hamburg that creates technical documentations and at the same time also handles translations in all Western European, Eastern European, Scandinavian, Asian languages, plus Arabic and Persian.

If I may be permitted, I would like to offer you my versatile services for current and / or future projects in your home offer.

Undoubtedly, the most important and often the only resource for the optimal use of instruments, machinery and equipment is the technical documentation.

My primary task is the complete translation of technical documentations for the support of products, processes and systems in both small and large plants of any kind.

I am equipped with the skills necessary to independently and professionally carry out tasks in the field of engineering, electronics, and construction.  

I produce the documentations and translations, both for individual clients, as well as entire plants; whereby very different issues could be addressed, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, conveying plants or packaging machines, marketing, business, software, legal, economics, finance, shipping, technology, medicine and medical technology, pharmaceuticals and scientific reviews among many others.

Regarding translations, I have this to say:

Machine translation is suited to convey basic content and to check whether the content is relevant to you.
However, translation by human translators is recommended for important or confidential documents, since in machine translations, the full meaning and mood of the text may not always be preserved.

You know exactly what you want to say....

                                            ....but lack the right words?

The correct word choice is crucial for the quality of a translation. Here, it comes down to the expertise of experienced professionals and a well thought-out Quality Assurance. I offer you sophisticated voice services in high quality.

I help you meet your specific objectives, from specialised translation to the print-ready template. Make use of my special expertise for your projects. Invest in collaboration with me that pays off for you in just a few words.

I have a wide array of translators, revisers, terminologists and interpreters (Native speakers, sworn translators) available that are able to flexibly respond to the specific requirements of the clients.  

As a sworn translator, I certify upon request every translation. The certification is acknowledged by all authorities and the responsible bodies in the respective areas / countries.

Our offer includes among others:

Translations, interpretation (consecutive), localization, proofreading and data transcription.

Technical translations in areas including: marketing, economy, software, law, economics, medicine, finance, shipping and technology among many others.

as well as translations into different document types:

Contracts, manuals, instructional documentations, reference guides, presentation materials, standards, tech­nical documentation, and many others.

Qualified translators (Native speakers, sworn translators) are available for the following languages in both directions:

Western European languages:

English, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish.

Scandinavian languages:

Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.

Eastern European languages:

Albanian, Estonian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian.

Asian languages:

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese.


Arabic, Persian

Your advantage:

Translations from one foreign language into another target language are done by the same translator, hence declining quality with intermediate or retranslation is ruled out.

I also use the electronic media to your advantage.
I offer you, for instance, the translation over the weekend. Send me your text via dial-up, fax or e-mail, I translate and send you the finished text back.    
You save time and therefore money.
Unfortunately, advance registration of your company with me is required for this procedure. 
We can layout your text as well upon request. 

Some examples of our work areas in detail:

  • Investment books 
  • Manuals
  • Operations manuals 
  • Brochures 
  • CAD designs 
  • Datasheets 
  • Spare parts catalogues 
  • Instructions for use
  • Hardware descriptions
  • Catalogues
  • Assembly instructions
  • Care and maintenance instructions

  • Service documentations
  • Translations of any kind, normal or certified
  • Translations of program files